We’ve been keeping you up to date with the Lean improvements we’ve been making here at Stokes & Rowe but we also want to share with you all where our Lean inspiration has come from.  We really believe that an important part of ‘going Lean’ is the sharing and exchange of ideas.

We’ve previously mentioned that we have been watching the videos posted by Fastcap, an American company who has a totally Lean culture.  They have lots of videos on youtube and they have just released a brand new Lean tour of their factory.

Lean Inspiration- Fastcap’s Lean video

We have been so inspired by this company and know that this will provide lots of inspiration and ideas for any other companies out there who, like us, are also working towards a Lean culture.  We hope you find this, as well as Fastcap’s other videos, as useful as we have.

Happy Manufacturing!

Rob, Nicola and the Team